10 Things About Me!

Here’s my 10 facts about me!

  1. I starred as an extra in the Sky1 sitcom ‘Trollied’. Filming took place in Bristol and it was my first paid acting job! I really enjoyed the experience and it was great meeting the team!
  2. I climbed a mountain in the Lake District… With a screw in my ankle! To me this is my biggest achievement yet and was the most thrilling and beautiful experience! Definitely a memory I’ll cherish until I die!
  3. I had a VERY embarrassing accident with a sainsburys shopping trolley. All I can say is there was alot of blood involved and I was regrettably sober. Its gruesome.
  4. I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. Either in primary school or a secondary drama teacher. However, I’m not prepared to go back to university. Who knows, maybe in the future?
  5. When I was younger I loved ponies so much, I ran away at the Exeter crealy to sit with the horses. My mum and dad spent an hour frantically looking for me, even an announcement was made on the tannoy. Someone random found me and returned me. I was in a lot of trouble and have never lived it down.
  6. During a primary school performance of the ‘Snow Queen’ somebody stepped on the back of my long skirt and I fell directly off of the stage. I fractured my leg. It was humiliating and just the start of my accident prone tendencies.
  7. When I was a toddler I snuck into my parents bedroom and drank half of a bottle of calpol. I really loved the strawberry taste. What was better was I got through the child safety cap in the bottle which I can’t even seem to do as an adult! My mum and dad knew it was me because I knocked down a bottle of talcum powder in the process and left little Maya footprints. Cute.
  8. At school I was an A* in both English and Drama. My coursework for English was actually sent off to the exam board for examples for how it should be done. I was really proud of this at the time! #nerd
  9. I work at McDonalds and I HATE it with a passion. It was only meant to be a temporary thing and then I got pregnant. Fortunately I hope to change this after my maternity leave!
  10. I’m a family girl, I love my family to pieces. They always come first and always will.

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