My first month as a Mother:

With Talia being a month old tomorrow I wanted to summarise my first month as a Mother.  What a month it has been! I think it wins the award for being the fastest month of my life.  I’ve achieved one of the greatest things in life and its something I will forever be proud of.  In this month I have:

  • Pushed a human being into this world!
  • Fallen in love for the first time with my daughter
  • Held my daughter for the first time
  • Cried for feeling like a bad mother yet also cried with happiness for being a mother!
  • I have been puked on,  shat on and weed on more times than I can count on two hands.
  • I have learned how to look after a baby,  now it’s second nature.
  • I have soothed and settled Talia,  which gives you the greatest of satisfaction.
  • Seen my partner transform into a father,  which is beautiful.
  • I’ve experienced being awake at stupid times everrrrrrrry night!
  • Watched Talia grow each and every day.  Each day her personality shines more and more
  • Most importantly,  I’ve experienced the best month of my life.

I guess so much has happened this month,  it would be impossible to write it all down.  As Talia hits the month mark,  she’s starting to love her toys more.  She will lay on her play gym happily looking at her toys and she’s starting to babble at them! She even tried reaching for her favourites. Talia also has a favourite toy which is her rabbit comforter which her grandad gave her! She does not go anywhere without it! I’m noticing she’s filling out more in her face and her body,  she’s no longer as tiny as she was! She’s also beginning to develop the most cheeky of faces.  It makes me smile each and every day and I would never change it for the world.  This month has been the most emotional,  life changing month of my life.  But its worth it. 



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