Our day out… Clarks Village.

As we live next to Clarks Village and because that’s all there is in street,  we decided to take a wander today.  We needed to find Talia her first swimming costume which is actually more difficult than you think,  nowhere has 0-3 it seems.  GAP did but i refuse to pay £18 for a swimming costume. Eventually I found a very very cute one in Monsoon which cost £7 and I think Im in love with it.  I can’t wait to take Talia swimming! 


I also needed a costume for myself.  One that isn’t expensive or revealing,  as since I’ve had her my confidence has gone down! I tried peacocks and they were skimpy and expensive. The same with next.  I eventually found a swimming dress which has a costume underneath in sports direct.  Its £12.99 and its one that looks better on than on a hanger.  Its quite flown which hides the live handles and it hides the stretch marks too.  I actually felt half decent wearing it! 


I also gave in and invested in and adult colouring book,  I’ve been debating to get one for ages but today I picked one up in the works for £5 and I’m really really enjoying it!


I treated Talia to the pink dress from next,  it was half price at £3.50 and is perfect for summer.  Nice and girly too!
I also got her a lovely two piece set from peacocks which has a really cute floral pattern and white leggings,  perfect for summer too.  All in all,  a successful and enjoyable trip out!


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