We’ve started thinking about our wedding!

We had our first real conversation on our wedding!
I don’t think it’ll be anytime soon,  mainly because of money and the fact we’ve just had Talia. One thing we are agreed on is that we preferably want her walking when we get married. I want to walk up the aisle with pretty flowers etc. My wedding wouldn’t be complete without her!
We’ve not decided on where, I guess it all depends on funds. 
Ideally I’d like a church wedding,  not to big… Not too small.  Quite local so all of my family could come! My dress,  well… I’d love something with a tiny bit of sparkle.  Big but not as big as a ‘big gypsy wedding’ dress.  White ofc… And long! I’d probably have my hair half up and half down! I’ve thought about my appearance as a bride way too much.
I’d love the colour theme to either be a royal blue or a dark purple as theyre my favourite colours!
Conol has no real views on a wedding,  mainly because he has no  family other than me and Talia now. . Which is sad.  Itd be a difficult day for him. I think this why hes in no rush to get married. I just want him to do it in his own time! We aim to roughly get married May 2016/2017. I feel like May is our month.  We got together in May and Talia was born in May! Exciting times ahead!!!!


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