Six weeks old!

Talia is six weeks old. Wow, that went quick. Every day she’s growing and every day her personality shines through more and more. I love the fact she’s growing but at the same time, I hate it. I can proudly say I’ve cherished every moment. Every late night feed, every tantrum..every poo explosion! I’ve enjoyed being a mummy and I always will, no matter how much she grows!
Talia did her first little chuckle today! It was aimed at her Nana who she loves dearly! We also had the health visitor out today and she commented on how alert she is, she was babbling away to the health visitor! We even got given some books! Im thinking of signing Talia up to the library, imagine all of the books we can read! I love reading and its something I’m going to encourage her to do everyday! I religiously read her a book every night before bedtime,I hope she likes it! We are also going to start introducing more ‘Tummy time’, we do do it but I feel its okay to increase this now! She weighs 8Ib 7oz now! Thats a whole 2Ib 2oz more than birth…you go girl!  Apparently she’s measuring tall and thin, definitely does not get that from my genetics bless her! Happy six week birthday Talia 👶



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