Now, I love dogs. My family have two dogs. A springer spaniel ( Blue) and a chocolate Labrador (Alfie), we used to have a king Charles crossed with a fox terrier ( Paige)…she was mine but she passed away last year.
I believe in the saying ‘Dogs are a man’s best friend’ but I think there is a line that HAS to be drawn. Especially  regarding babies and small infants. This topic comes to my mind in the light of that for three week old baby that was killed here, in the UK by a dog. Now , I can’t comment on the circumstances and it’d be wrong to do so. But my opinion on dogs will never change. Dogs are lovely but not with small children. Talia has only seen our dogs through a glass door, that’s how its staying until she’s older. Even if a child has been brought up with a dog, there is never any guarantee that this dog will never turn on the child. It could be for a simple thing, the dog could want to play (sadly injuring the child) or the dog may get spooked and confuse her as an enemy or the dog may unfortunately see her as a chew toy. Its horrible to think this, but its true. I’m not willing to risk my daughters life so she can play with a dog. There will , one day , be a time and a place and I’m sorry but letting a dog run around with a six week old baby. No, I’m not prepared to take the risk.


One thought on “Dogs.

  1. I saw an article about that UK incident earlier today when a friend of mine commented on it. It’s very sad to hear about it. I don’t have any kids but I imagine I wouldn’t take the risk either. Perhaps I would let them be in the same room if I’m with my baby but I certainly wouldn’t leave my dog and baby alone. I don’t remember it but I’ve been told that the scar on my forehead was from the stitches I once had to get after a dog bit me. It was apparently a golden retriever/german shepard mix a friend’s dog that my parents were watching. I had took the dog’s bone and he retaliated. Totally my fault as a toddler but I didn’t know any better and it happened so quick my parents didn’t have time to react. In the end the dog got put down. 😦


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