Talia has ventured into the realm of TV. I swore  I would never put her in front of the television so young, but she loves it. I think its the colors! I’ve never seen her so quiet. It was perfect, she was safe in her bouncer watching Cbeebies whilst I made dinner. For a long time, its been difficult making dinner but this definitely gave me some time and she looked  so happy! She’s definitely noticing more and more now, she will be seven weeks tomorrow! Her eyes are getting better each and every day. She’s great at recognizing faces now and she loves anything colourful. Seeing her grow and develop is beautiful!


2 thoughts on “Cbeebies!

  1. A little tv time is perfectly fine as long as you are engaging your baby during other parts of the day! Adorable picture! My 1-year-old just started liking dinosaurs on TV! Enjoy!


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