The old me? Who’s that?

Somebody asked me today, “Do you miss the person you were before you became a mother?”
The truth is, yes and no.

Seeing as I’m only 20, I do miss going out and not having to care about anyone or anything. I was reckless at college, I would be with whoever, do whatever and drink a lot on nights out. I miss having the fun we had. If I didn’t have the fun, I wouldn’t have the life experience I have now. I miss being able to just pop out if I needed to without worrying about feeds and poop etc.

To be honest, now I really think about it. I don’t really miss who I was. I love the person I am now.

I’ve changed. I admit that. And its for the better, by far. I care a lot more for people and peoples feelings. I’m maybe less selfish? I’ve really learned what true love is. I used to cry about this boy dumping me and people not ‘loving’ me. I look back and laugh. The love I have for my child and the love she has for me ( I hope!) Is purely amazing. I can’t explain it, all I know is I never knew what love was until I set eyes on her. I’m a happier person, regardless of my relationship issues!
Life has more of a meaning now.
Most of all, I’ve grown up. I’m not a Solly little girl anymore. I’m a woman, a woman with her own family. This is my life now, and what a life I’m living!



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