Charity shop haul!


A lot of people deem charity shops as ‘skanky’, I think they are massively wrong. Importantly the money goes towards a good cause and are run by volunteers! I also think you can find some amazing bargains in these shops. You can find many ‘vintage’ items. For example, my mother used to have cabbage patch dolls as a child, she loved them. Her mum threw them out ….but luckily we found about ten in a charity shop not long ago, she only got one but it just goes to show! Some of the things in charity shops have been used a handful of times. There is no difference between charity shops and eBay or the buy sell sites (in terms of quality!). I’m proud to say I’ve purchased many things from these shops. Especially baby items, they don’t use them for long! So today I went in and found these:

  1. Winnie the Pooh nappy hanger. I got this for Talia’s nursery, its one of those items that seem useless but already I find it easier to whip out a nappy by her changing table. Its in great condition and only cost me £1, plus I love Winnie the Pooh!
  2. Musical TV toy. I had one of these when I was younger and I remember LOVING it. It plays a soothing tune ( I find it annoying) and the screen moves on a loop sort of thing. Its her own TV toy, she loves TV! It also has a little clock on that she can play with when she’s older, again..also £1.
  3. Lamaze monkey/tiger toy. I’m not actually too sure what the animal is  but its cute and in immaculate condition. When you shake it you can hear a ball inside and it has a rattle attached to it too. Talia has been looking at it all day! I’m definitely glad I found this  toy, Lamaze makes brilliant toys! £1.25
  4. My last two items are ’50 things to do with Baby’. One of the packs is 0-6 months, the next is 6-12 months. I’ve flicked through the 0-6 one and I’m impressed. You open the box and theres a pack of cards and each card has a different activity on that you can do with your child. Its simple things like ‘Show baby what she looks like in a mirror’ and ‘Sing soothing songs to baby’ also if you flip the cards over, it’ll give you a more in depth explanation on the back. Some have nursery rhymes and some have faces on (you show these to baby and they react!). I find these useful for those days you just don’t know what to do. Its a brilliant way to bond and I wish I knew about these sooner. Perfect for a first time Mum! Both packs each were £1 and I simply love them. I really recommend them!

So there we go, there’s my baby haul at St Margaret’s Hospice in Street!


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