30 Day challenge : Day Two!!


Day 2: ‘Where would you like to be in 10 years?’

Happy. Pure and simple. Yeah, I would love to have a lot of money and a big house, maybe even a nice car. But I want to be happy and have my family. I hope to have atleast two more children, as I come from a big ish family. I love children! I also see myself married and hopefully in the coding job I’m trying to train myself for. I see myself still living in Somerset, as I am a home girl and couldn’t cope with city life. Hopefully, I would assume…I will have more life experience and I will be living life to the full! I hope I’m extremely happy in 10 years and myself and my family are all in good health. Money and the exotic lifestyle isn’t everything!  I hope in 10 years that Im still in touch with certain people but at the same time, have all of the toxic people out of my life!


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