30 Day Challenge: Day six!


Day 6: 30 Interesting facts about me!

  1. I used to have a screw in my ankle, an actual screw!
  2. I climbed the highest mountain in Scotland!
  3. I LOVE performing Arts.
  4. I have a beautiful baby daughter called Talia.
  5. I have three tattoo’s and 2 piercings, used to have 5!
  6. My english coursework was so good it got used as an example by the exam board for GCSES.
  7. It took me 3 times to pass my driving theory AND practical.
  8. I have Ehlers-danlos syndrome! (Super flexible!)
  9. I can climb my body through my hands!
  10. I went to Uni to study Drama and dropped out.
  11. I dislocated my knee by opening the kitchen door!
  12. Im seriously accident prone! ^^
  13. I’ve also written off two cars…
  14. I wear glasses because I can’t see out of my left eye!
  15. My favorite artist at nursery was FatBoy Slim. They used to make me sing it!
  16. When I was little I got kicked out of swimming lessons for messing around with the boys!
  17. I can speak a little french.
  18. I’ve had surgery four times.
  19. I starred as an extra in the sitcom ‘Trollied’.
  20. I work in Mcdonalds… ( I hate it!)
  21. I would love a big family, maybe 3/4 children.
  22. I used to sleep talk as a child!
  23. My craving in pregnancy was Breadsticks!
  24. My favourite play is ‘Angels In America’
  25. I’m a real christmassy person, its my favourite time of year!
  26. My first word was Dada.
  27. From a young age I was ahead in my reading groups, I love reading!
  28. I still sleep with my teddy from when I was a baby.
  29. My favorite musical is ‘Matilda’.
  30. I’m a sucker for Soaps!

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