30 day challenge: Day 10!


Day 10: “Describe your first love and first kiss”.

Well, to be honest I really cannot remember who my first kiss was. As bad as that sounds! Probably some silly romance in secondary school!
My first love, however I do remember. I’m not in contact with him anymore but he was called Rupert. He came from a very ‘posh’ family and attended private school. We dated from May 2011- November 2013. He was my first proper relationship and he did mean an awful lot. I thought it was love, obviously looking at it now…it wasn’t. I only used to see him at weekends, more in the holidays etc. My mum would let him stay over and in the same room as me.(Me and mum have an open relationship!) Rup’s mum wouldn’t let me stay in the same room as him, because she didn’t like me. So we kept it quiet! But she seriously hated me because I didn’t attend a private school. She made our relationship very difficult, she would make snide comments…she would purposely go out of her way to make sure he was busy at times we were meant to be together. His dad was alright. And his brother was like his mother. Rup was funny, caring and just general fun to be around. We spent days eating out and spending days out (once we both could drive!).. We barely argued. Then I guess, I turned 18 and he turned controlling. He didn’t like me going out with my friends as he thought I’d cheat? Turns out, he was paranoid as he’d been cheating! It broke my heart. After we broke up I was very depressed, I think I was the worst I’d ever been. I lost a lot of weight and kind of spiraled off the rails a bit. I concerned everyone! A few months later, he got back in touch and wanted me again…turns out he didn’t want a relationship. He just wanted fun. So we never spoke again. It was fun whilst it lasted and he was the love of my life at the time. But now I have my true loves!


3 thoughts on “30 day challenge: Day 10!

  1. I’ve experienced the whole ‘controlling saga and then founding out he cheated thing’ 😦 it really sucks but I’m so glad you’ve found your one now πŸ™‚


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