30 Day Challenge : Day 12!


Day 12: “Bullet Your Whole Day”

Its probably not 100% accurate but here we go!

  • Woke up at 7am, woke up Talia as she slept all night.
  • Changed T’s bum
  • Fed T
  • Watched Good Morning Britain whilst feeding Talia.
  • Changed T’s bum/ dressed
  • Got myself dressed and ready
  • Re packed the Nappy bag
  • Put Talia in her pushchair and walked to my Mums for my brothers birthday
  • Said hello to my brother, gave him his card
  • Tidied Mums lounge for her.
  • Changed T’s bum
  • Fed T.
  • Changed T’s bum.
  • Went for a walk to Subway with my brother and cousin Timmy ( Talias godfather!)
  • Ate my lunch with Talia still attached to me.
  • Went into Tesco and got a really cute bath storage thing for her toys.
  • Said hello to Conol in Tesco as he was working.
  • Walked back to Mum’s.
  • Changed T’s Bum
  • Fed T.
  • Changed T’s bum.
  • Cuddled T to sleep.
  • Mum came home so had a gossip with mum
  • Watched Loose Women/the news/judge rinder.
  • Baby sat Effy after school for an hour.
  • Mum dropped me and Talia home.
  • Came home and Fed T.
  • Changed T’s bum.
  • Played with T on her playmat.
  • Spent some time with conol.
  • Had a quick shower.
  • Ate my food.
  • Bathed T.
  • Said Goodbye to Conol as he was going out.
  • Cuddled To to sleep.
  • Spent some chill time on my laptop!

I think this must have to be the LEAST interesting blog post I will EVER do.


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