New changing bag! Eeeek!


Today my new changing bag got delivered and I’m super excited. I’ve had my eye on one of these for ages, I finally gave in and purchased one. This is my pink lining (Blooming Gorgeous ) changing bag. The material on the outside is great and I LOVE the design! It’s not an overly massive bag but I’ve never loved a bag so much! There’s for bottle pockets which come in handy. There’s a pocket on the front where I keep little bits and there’s a few extra pockets inside! The bag itself came with a see through bag for wet clothes and a really awesome changing mat! I think this is the best purchase I have made recently and it’s super easy to carry around as it has a really long strap. I wish I bought this sooner, I really recommend these and they come in a range of colors and designs!
I’ll be doing a follow up blog post “What’s in my Changing Bag” so be sure to check that one out!


2 thoughts on “New changing bag! Eeeek!

    • Thankyou! I actually got it second hand off of Ebay! Brand new they’re £50 and I wasn’t prepared to pay so much for a bag haha, But if you type in ‘Pink lining changing bags’ on ebay, they have loads! I was lucky, no one else bid on this one. I got it for £10.50 and its in perfect condition!

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