Redundancy Gah.

Redundancy  Today has been utterly cruddy. My  partner works for a Tesco Metro in our town and he got given two months notice to the store closing down. With me being on Maternity leave, this scares me. We depend on him to pay the bills! He may be able to transfer but its not looking likely, he will know Thursday. This was the last thing we needed, it seems to be one thing after another. Alot of places won’t take him on because he doesn’t have much in terms of education. I guess if things get too bad, I’ll have to be the main earner which I really do not want, I want precious time with my daughter! We were not expecting this and it is still a total shock. They knew but didn’t tell people for ages? I think its silly. I was having such a good day up until this. I guess things like this happen for a reason?  Maybe open new doors? Who knows! One thing is for sure, I have conols back 100%!


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