Jeremy Kyle.

Okay, so this is a really random post I know. But why would you, or why do some people go on Jeremy Kyle? I watch it nearly every day as Im still on my maternity leave, as entertaining as I find it. You have to wonder why you would go on public TV to air your dirty laundry. If someone called me up to go on to the show for whatever reason, I would refuse! I think its humiliating and degrading. I can’t really talk as I do watch it for entertainment. I just struggle to see why people do it. Imagine when you’re children or family members grow up and find the episode you were on. How humiliating will they find it? How ashamed of someone will they be? Everyone has problems and that is fair enough but sort it out behind closed doors? See a private counsellor?

I also wonder whether alot of things on the show is staged? I mean, sometimes the fights and slanging matches are just so unbelievable its hard to understand why anybody would do that? My health visitor even said she had a family who were on the show once and once they came off of the show, they had Social Services crawling all over them! I think problems that are aired on live tv will never be solved, half of the nation will know your business. Somebody will drag it up one day!

Fair play to the people who do it, from a personal point of view, never in a blue moon!


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