Rare photos!


This is my sister Effy (6)/Talia’s auntie effy! This is a rare moment. Effy has a few difficulties at the moment, she’s currently being assessed for autism. As you can imagine by me having a baby, it didn’t really go down well with Effy. I helped effy a lot as she was growing up and she feels so pushed out. No matter how hard I try, its just her. But its okay, because we have gotten used to it. Talia is used to her screaming. I know that whatever effy may say about Talia, she doesn’t mean it really. She just doesn’t know how to express herself properly. I love them both to pieces and hopefully soon, we will know what’s going on with Effy! No matter what, we love her for who she is!


6 thoughts on “Rare photos!

  1. I specialised in being a 1:1 with autistic children and one of the key signs of autism is their ability to hate change or change of routine. But as Talia grows I’m sure gradually Effy will surprise you and turn that disapproval into utter admiration. Effy looks like a cutie! ❤


    • She absolutely hates change. Her overall behavior is very very bad too, she attacks mum. Mum tried getting her assessed years ago but was told its how shes grown up :L So hopefully mum will get a proper answer soon! As you say, as time goes on…Talia will become ‘normal’ to her and I’m sure they’ll be playing princesses ! Thank you Lucy! ❤

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      • I completely sympathise with your mum, my 1:1 boy used to hit me when we were trying to encourage him to do something different, but he always said sorry so he kind of understood it was bad. My mum tried for AGES to get my brother diagnosed for ADHD and was pushed away time and time again until she had evidence that he was violent. Then they finally diagnosed him, all thanks to a video recording. I have no doubt Effy will adjust to Talia 😀 xxx


      • I feel so sorry for her sometimes, she just feels so palmed off. It’s really not fair on the families when doctors blame the parenting. I mean mum has had three other children so she’s been more than capable of parenting right! And not every parent is spot on anyway! Bless the little boy, they don’t mean it really. They just have no way to express themselves, they sort of panic sometimes! I’ve suggested that to mum, keeping a log of effys behaviors and take footage of her episodes, I think its the only way to prove it! Xxx

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      • My mum was blamed for my brothers ADHD until she got evidence that it was just him and he needed to be diagnosed. Your mum needs to get evidence, it’s the only way she’ll get noticed, or when Effy starts school get your mum to go immediately to the SENCO. The SENCO will put the right plans in place to get Effy tested. xxxx


      • SENCO have referred effy so it’s a step! School have definitely picked up on it! (: she’s going to get video evidence to back it up though! I’m glad your brother got diagnosed, I bet it was a relief for your mum! It’s not easy for mums bless them!

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