Room move?

I had a conversation with my Aunt today and she recommended putting Talia in her own room now. Apparently they sleep so much better in their own room. Whilst I don’t doubt that for a second, I think I would rather she stayed with me a little bit longer. She has a crib in our room, so it’s like a mini cot so I think she will transition fine when the time comes. My aunts children went into their own room at 8 weeks. I feel this is too early from my personal point of view.

Talia’s dummy sucking and wriggling does wake me up at night as does my partner tossing and turning in our squeaky bed. But I think we’ve all adjusted to these sounds. I think if she was in her own room right now, I would worry so much. Being a ftm I want to be as close to her as possible. I want to enjoy every moment whilst shes young and depends on me. Babies dont fully depend for long, they soon become independent. I feel moving her into her own room now is maybe wishing things to go quicker?

At the end of the day, I view it as every baby is different and every parent is different.  Whilst it may be right for others, it may not be right for some. I think at six months I will look at transitioning!! 11742722_848499171931915_8615765207196697734_n


3 thoughts on “Room move?

  1. I have moved Chloe at 6,5 months and it was so hard and emotional! I couldn’t have done it any quicker. Also all of the advice says that you should keep them with you until 6 months. Enjoy every minute of this little body next to your bed 🙂


    • I thought it may be! I want to hold on to her as long as I can haha! When you become a parent, time to yourself doesn’t really matter anymore I find haha! 🙂 I have read the advice tonight, so its put my mind at rest a bit and I know I’m doing the right thing for my daughter 🙂 I will do! They soon grow too quickly! X


  2. We moved Darcie out at 6 months too as they recommend they stay in with you until then as it reduces the risk of SIDS as being with us overnight helps them regulate their breathing. After 6 months they can do this on their own. You’ll know when it’s right though and she did sleep better in her own room as OH snores!!


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