We’ve been busy bees the past two weeks. We’ve made some mummy and baby friends, which is doing us all the world of good! One baby is 10 months, another is 7 months and the other is 3 weeks older than Talia. There is such a lovely balance and they are all little girlies. We all meet once a week with the babies and either sit in the beer garden with picnics and toys or we go to the baby group. Before I started meeting up with the girls, I didn’t really have many friends so I would keep myself to myself. Now we meet once a week and we have such a lovely time. We can talk about mummy things without getting judged or accused of talking about our children too much. They are so down to earth and I hope great friendships that will last a long time! I know that if I need advice, they are only a message away. Me and Talia are lucky to have each of them, Its benefiting us both and hopefully the girls can grow up together! Happy Happy wonderful times! 😀 11822614_857287131053119_3206821331193161681_n


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