The bullies that targeted me on Facebook the other day, have now found my blog. You’re nothing but low. Leave me and my daughter alone.


5 thoughts on “Bullies.

  1. They obviously have sad sad lives with nothing better to do. think about it, who does this kinda thing? people with nothing else to do. Laugh at them babe your the better person by a mile. stay blogging xxx


    • I know. I just want them to leave me alone
      Unfortunately they live in my town so I dread leaving the flat every day. I’ve got enough of the messages to go to the police, so if it carries on I’ll report it as harassment and bullying! Thankyou for your support sweetie, means ever so much!


      • You know what, They are probably jealous of you. That’s how Bullies start off. They are jealous cause you have something they wish they did. In your case MATURITY & A LIFE. Defo go to the police It’s taken extremely seriously these days with people taking their lives because of people like them so I urge you to report them. In the mean time get stuck into your bloggin. I’ve just opened a twitter account for my etsy shop (@bohobeautique) and my personal one (@meandmagz) do the same and throw yourself into this. Xx


      • I’m definitely going to go tomorrow! I have all of the screenshots of everything! I’ve also reported all of them on Facebook etc 🙂 oh bless you! I’ve just followed you on twitter! Xx

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      • Great ill follow you back 🙂 Let me know how things go with the police if you need to chat I’m here just msg me whenever. You know, I hate bullies. There were a couple who tried to bullie me in year 7 & 8 having just started secondary school. By year 9 they didn’t come near me again I made sure of it however for those 2 years I felt so low, I was mess. I may write a post on it all today. Do you want to be involved? X


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