4 whole months…Gahh

Talia was FOUR MONTHS OLD last Thursday, just wow. Like where has the time gone? Its going crazily quickly and I must say I’m enjoying every second. Although, she tries sitting up now and I am not prepared for that. Thats one major sign she is growing way too quickly! She also said maaaa mu..* sort of sounded like that* Three times in a row a few days ago! We are convinced it’s her saying Mumma, but who knows! Can’t really count that as ‘First word’ ( but it will be Mumma…I hope ;D ). She is a right character now and she can throw massive tantrums. Usually when shes waiting for her bottle! She has rolled over once but seems more focused on sitting up now! She just won’t roll over again!

I’m finding as she gets older, she is loving Tummy time a little bit more. She’s always been a bit wary of tummy time, I think she prefers her back. I always place her on her tummy, but its never long until she screams! We have also battled with reflux this month, it comes and goes but when its here, we know!! It’s horrible seeing her in pain and constantly bringing up milk, she puts on weight so she is doing really well! I’m just hoping she will grow out of this when she starts eating solids over the next few months. We’ve got everything prepared for when she does eat food, I’m super excited!


Talia is also now interested in other babies. She meets her friends once a week and has a little play and a babble. I think its great! Shes getting used to babies from a young age which will definitely help her development and social skills, it also gets her used to sharing toys. The group of mums I meet up with are so lovely, I literally don’t know where I would be without them now! Since I’ve got to know them and actually go out, I’ve become a much happier person!

Talia is growing more and more every day and it’s amazing how far shes come already!


2 thoughts on “4 whole months…Gahh

  1. Aww! Looks like our little ones are a few days apart. My son Savya turned 4 months last Tuesday! He also battles with reflux, and dislikes tummy time. He’s also recently been more agreeable with tummy time! So interesting to see similarities in our babes!😁


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