Co bathing = bonding!

I cannot express my love for Co-bathing! Talia LOVES it. When she was younger, she didn’t like it as much as I think she was just really wary but now shes so happy to bathe with me. We’re at that stage where shes too big for her baby bath we have yet too small for a sit up bath seat. I don’t really want to buy a reclining one as she will be in a seat soon! So for now, we are co-bathing. I think its a wonderful way to bond with your little one and its like one big swimming pool with bubbles! ( Which Talia always eats!) She feels safe with me in there too! Its a great way to get them used to a big bath! Her excitement makes me super happy! To anyone that is considering, try it! I really recommend it, obviously its either something for you…or not for you! It all depends on the individual! I was always a bit hesitant, but I tried it and LOVED it!


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