Mhhm this is Yummy, Mummy!

As Talia will be five months old next week, I’ve started weaning. It’s only baby rice but she loves it! She was unsure at first but after mushing it and trying to feed herself with the spoon, she rather enjoyed it and got rather messy. I cannot believe my little baby is beginning on foods! She was so happy afterwards, I can tell she’s ready. She ate the whole lot I made for her and hardly spat any out! I’ve literally never seen her so happy! Bless her!

It’s such a fun experience, weaning ( well, so far!). I cannot wait to try different flavours and foods. Learn her favourites. her likes and dislikes. Watch her colour the floor with her food! I love these pictures too, I managed to film her ‘first’ try of baby rice and it’s pretty funny. I love her, she is truly a right character! foood


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