Today we had our six weekly trip to Clark’s shoe shop to get Talia’s little feet measured! I thought she may have gone up a size as she was tripping in her current doodles and she has in fact gone up half a size. Which is great but also really annoying because she’s not long had her new shoes! 

Because she’s grown, we spent out on these little beauties. I call them ‘Mermaid doodles’ purely because when the light shimmers on the doodles, it looks very mermaid like! I love them! 

Of course, actually getting the feet measured and trying on shoes was a different story. Talia screamed, which is recently becoming a thing with shoe fitting. In all fairness she had not long woken from a nap, but she screamed so loud! And people couldn’t help and stare like they’d never seen an upset toddler before :} 

I love shoe shopping for Talia, but its so hard not to spend a fortune! 


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