This has so much truth.

Before the Break-Up I was a completely different person. Although I’ve learned to become stronger and more independent it has changed me in other ways. 

I find it increasingly difficult to trust, I also build up walls and push people away. I’m not a nasty person, I do it without realising. I’ll make excuses for things I wouldve happily done without a thought before I was messed around. No matter how hard I try, I keep pushing. I’m used to parenting alone now, it doesn’t phase me. But a new relationship has thrown me completely. 

I’m so scared of getting that close to someone and getting hurt that bad again. I think its maybe because I know how horrid it was. Its taken six months to get to where I am now, and that has been a challenge with highs and lows! 

I guess people aren’t out to get you and aren’t out to hurt you. It just doesn’t stop you over thinking…


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