Toddler group! 

Every Wednesday, I take Talia to our local Toddlers group! She’s only been going since she turned one and has truly excelled! She’s always been good with other children so that wasn’t a worry but she’s learning so much with the other children around! She can run, open the door, climb the slide and even bounce on the bouncy castle ( which she was absolutely terrified of)! 

I couldn’t be more proud. She amazes me every single time! And the toddler group itself is great. I have met some lovely mums, we get to sit and drink tea whilst watching the kiddies play. There’s also snack time and a sing along at the end of the session! 

If there’s a big event coming up like ‘fathers day’ or ‘Christmas’ etc, they will accommodate and make cards, have parties and so on! 

I am SO glad we go here. And its only £1 for two hours of fun! I truly recommend a local toddler group to any mother! 


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