Me. Me. Me.

Its been quite along time since i have done a post about myself. Well, this is me! 

Heres five facts about me: 

  • I wear one contact lense! 
  • I have three tattoos. 
  • I have had surgery 5 times in my life. 
  • I have hypermobility syndrome. 
  • I am 21 (nearly 22) with a 14 month old daughter. 

This is a really random post but i never really post about myself. I wouldnt say im a reserved person. I used to study performing arts so Im very used to the limelight! Since having Talia, i mainly talk about her. I dont really find my life interesting. At the moment Im not working as I dont have any childcare arrangements that dont cost the earth. When Talia is two, I aim to hopefully go back as i REALLY miss working. Ive worked since 14! 

I actually left my maternity early to start a new job. Unfortunately they had to do job cuts and i was one. Which was a shame as I truly loved that job 😦 the same week I lost my job in January, Talias dad also decided to leave me. I also had to remove Talia from her nursery the same week as I couldnt afford it. 

Its been a hard six months. Truly hard. Ive come along way. I still struggle with the walls I build around myself, I worry that I will never be able to get them down. Who knows. Im proud of how far Ive come and im enjoying every second with my daughter whilst shes small! And I cant wait to get things properly back on track so I can provide for the little cutie! 

I do have the most amazing friends and family. This past year theyve truly been amazing. I cherish family and I am so greatful! 


4 thoughts on “Me. Me. Me.

  1. // Talias dad also decided to leave me// Did you get spousal support from him ? I think he must support you considering your age. I am curious whether the decision having a baby was mutual or not.


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