As some of you are aware, its a heatwave! (In the UK). We aren’t very used to heat, so when it comes everyone makes the most of it! 

So today we had the cutest little time in the garden. Blew up the paddling pool ( which I love, from John Lewis!), played with the rabbit, chalking and general garden play. I was actually really impressed because I didn’t put s nappy on talia whilst in the garden and she had no accidents. She’s not ready for potty training yet, but that was so good of her! 😀 proud Momma! 

She had hardly slept today, she doesn’t know what to do with herself in this weather! I guess for a child of her age, its draining and annoying! 😦 

Factor 50+ was out in full swing today! Although, because of the heat we only went out for short periods. Its weird because before Talia I’d be silly and sit in it for ages. Now I obviously put her first and definitely wouldn’t change that! 

I’ve really enjoyed our little day today! Its been very nice! 



3 thoughts on “Heatwave! 

    • Same here! I can cope with it, Talia can’t! She’s currently just in a nappy sweating 😦 not a lot you can do for them! I wish I was outside but looks like another indoors keeping her in the cool! Oh my, that isn’t good at all! Not in this weather!

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