Talia loves bath time! 

Talia absolutely loves bath time! Well, every single part apart from having her hair washed. Then it becomes more like an exorcism haha. 

She has SO many toys its unreal. They are all currently stored in her Munchkin bathtidy. Which claims to be mould proof, however after looking at it yesterday…it has gone mouldy. Which I’m slightly disappointed about. However it is my own fault for putting toys into it before they’ve dried! 

We are still using Johnsons products in the bath, including the shampoo. As her hair is growing, I have started to wonder how long you can use the baby shampoo for? I know there is no age limit but I know there is children’s shampoo! I’ll probably have a little look around and read up unless anyone has any tips regarding this? 

We also stopped using a bath seat ages ago! And she’s truly so much happier. We do have the pain of her trying to climb out of the bath but she’s never left unattended. 

One thing I miss about bath time, is co-bathing. I only stopped last month, I still feel comfortable being naked around her because after all…its human. But she found my nipples and started tugging them. So I called it quits on the co-bathing. It’ll always be a very special memory! I loved evey single second! 


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