Talia’s gift from Daddy.

So today, was Talia’s day with her daddy. 

And he surprised her with this, a sand & water table! (Minus the sand at the moment!) But she certainly enjoyed soaking my kitchen floor. 

I definitely learnt my lesson and to place it outside next time. In my defence it was raining all day and I felt bad that she couldn’t use it, so mummy caved! 

Today was rather nice. Although we are no longer together and half of the time we may not get on. We actually took Talia to the local swimming pool, together! To anyone else it would be odd, but for reasons I can’t mention, talia isn’t allowed to his mothers house where he lives. So he always has supervised visits at mine (to cut a long story short). Its not often he gets to spend time with her like this! I even said I’d sit on the side and let them swim but he encouraged me to join in so that it was something nice for Talia. 

She has had a truly amazing day. And times may be hard between her parents sometimes but we will both always love her so very much. Some people are just better a part! 


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