So what do I do? 

(Apologies for the Snapchat picture!) 

So, many people probably don’t know what I really do with my life. The answer is, not a lot currently. 

Since Conol left in January, also when I was ‘let go’ from work, I’ve been primarily looking after Talia and helping my mum with Effy (my sister). I know some peoples opinions, “youre lazy”, “you’re a benefit scrounger” yada yada. I HATE not working, unfortunately unlike people who have retired family members. I depend on my mum/dad for childcare. They work full time. Also to make use of the government help towards childcare (75% I believe) I’d need to be doing 16 hours, no more, no less. I apply for every 16 hour contract I can find, which isn’t very many as the town is quite small! I’m also trying to learn web development in any spare time I have to try and better myself for Talia’s future. 

I even left my maternity four months early to start a ‘new job’. I was always under the premises they were keeping me…until last minute 😦 

I get really down about not working. Its not only about money. Its about independence for not only myself, but Talia too! I want to feel like I’m providing for her, I’m certainly not a lazy person. I’ve worked since 14 (alongside school and college etc). 

It really gets me down when people tarnish people with the same stereotype. I don’t waste money on myself. Heck I never go out! I try and save money where I can! I get why people label everyone in this situation but I think its wrong…I really do. Being at home all the time is hard, the amount of times I’ve cried because its so full on is unreal. But I chose to have a child. So I will do my best for her either way! 🙂 I promised myself whilst I’m not in work, I need to be teaching Talia things and adventuring the world together. Also taking her to toddler groups, so she’s still used to other kids. And I’ve stuck to that! I really hope I’m back in work soon! 


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