Talia’s very first holiday! 

Torquay, 15th-19th August 2016. Parkdean holiday park. 

Talia had a wonderful first holiday, along with my family! There were times that were testing but also times that were amazing! 

Day 1:

8am start, day trip to Paignton Zoo. It was everyone’s first trip here and it was amazing. Definitely better than Bristol zoo. Anyone who knows me and Talia knows we LOVE giraffes. Obviously the rest of the animals were great too but the giraffes seriously topped it! Another thing I also like was the fact peacocks roamed around whilst we ate. Of course children chased them too! 

Day 2: 

We went swimming in the onsite pool in the morning. Which i must admit was shockingly bad. I’ve been to better holiday park pools. Nothing was working and they let in way too many people, you could hardly move. Plus the baby changing facilities were shocking too! The afternoon turned out better! We visited “Goodrington Sands” I believe its called. Which apparently is the nicest beach there locally. It was a nice beach, but it wasn’t really “amazing sand”… But it did the job! The kiddies loved it! We avoided the sea this time, even though it was sunny it just looked way too cold 🙂 I would advise anyone coming here to bring food as the amenities nearby actually suck! 

Day 3: 

This consisted of heading into Torquay town and harbour. We didn’t expect it to take very long. However we walked probably around 5 miles in total. We were all hanging. Torquay has so many shops, I’ve never actually realised. The harbour was pretty cool aswell! It was pretty overcast so unfortunately didn’t have much of a view, but still the expensive boats looked great! We also visited ‘Living Coasts’ which is conveniently next to the harbour. On TV its really hyped up, but it is nothing special. The animals are cute etc, but this really didn’t do it for me! Talia slept through this trip, so was a bit pointless! We went back to the caravan and enjoyed hot chicken and bread ( this is a holiday caravan tradition). We also enjoyed the evening entertainment for the second night, which was cheesey but the kids enjoyed! 

Day 4: 

We spent this on site at Parkdean. We all had a cosy lie in after the night before. We went to the on site park/ bar for ages! Then enjoyed the big ‘green’ with balls and frisbees which was so nice. Its always nice to enjoy the outdoors tbh! We then went and got some food, more chicken! And enjoyed the caravan, playing dominos! Also enjoyed the entertainment one last time! Talia loved this night, she danced the night away! 


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