Stress, stress and more stress! 

These flowers have no resemblance, they keep me calm haha! 

No I’m seriously stressed at the moment. To be honest I should be really happy because I’ve got a new job! I’m just stressing over the swap from being a full time single mum, to a working single mum! I’m worried that from the moment I start until my payday I’ll lose all of my government help! Which I rely on to put it straight! Nowhere seems to be giving me answers until the day I actually change my claims! I probably am over worrying but I have nobody to fall back on if my finances don’t add up. I have to keep this roof afloat for my daughter! I know I’m doing right by work its just the transition period! 

Nursery is also a MASSIVE stress. I need to find one as soon as physically possible. I’m viewing one next week and waiting for a call back from the one I’d ideally want! I need to let my employer know when I can start but can’t do this until a nursery has confirmed a place for Talia! I hate having this all on my shoulders and I wish someone eg her father could help me! Its going to be so hard leaving her, especially as I’m the only parent she sees for a decent amount of time and we’ve been together non stop for seven months since he left and I lost my.previous job! 

I think I’m making the right deicison. I’m hoping this is my shot at ‘good karma’ and I’m hoping I’m worrying for no reason! #rantover


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