Best Friends!

Animals are wonderful and I believe my daughter has found a best friend in Flake ( Rabbit).


Talia wanted to see Flake before bed this evening, it was wet outside so I brought him indoors. They both sat on the sofa and Flake had a little explore. There were a few occassions where Talia thought she could bounce on the sofa, thankfully she didn’t squish the poor thing! She got very jealous when I cuddled him, so she had to have cuddles with him too. She is actually amazing with him. I’ve not know a toddler to be as gentle as she is with him. She strokes him softly and talks to him too! I don’t even know what shes saying, I just know it sounds super cute! I am so happy we got Flake, over time shes gradually learning more about him! She helps feed him and put fresh hay in his hutch! Love them both dearly and I hope she continues to love him!


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