Sparkling Pumpkin. 

The only thing that’ll proper relax me is a LUSH bath bomb. (Bubble bar in this case)

I don’t get them all the time, but I stock up when I do. I went into the Taunton one today to see some new Halloween products that I haven’t tried! This excites me! 

This one is ‘Sparkling Pumpkin’. I can’t quite put a name to the smell but there is spices of some sort? I LOVE the glitter, all in all its rather cute! 

Because I had my bath quite late, the lighting is poor. My bath was bright orange. Reminded me of Kenan and Kel’s orange soda! It was a divine bath. I feel so fresh, fulfilled and relaxed. I’ll definitely be buying this one again! I bathed for about 50 minutes because I didn’t want to waste it!

If you haven’t tried LUSH bath products, I really recommend you do. If you have tried them, is there any you’d recommend to me? X


3 thoughts on “Sparkling Pumpkin. 

  1. This reminds me of when my husband decided to use one of my bath bombs in his bath prior to him going out on a Xmas Party. When he came down, he was like a sparkling fairy – he hadn’t realised it was a ‘glitter’ bomb and all the glitter had stuck to the hairs of his chest .. I thought it was hilarious but he was ‘less than impressed’! Thanks for reminding me how great the lush products are – I need to go and get some more before Xmas.. x


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