Single Mothers.

So, over the past few weeks since starting my new job I have truly realised how hard it is for Single Mums to work. The government and associated people always take the time to slag off single mums for not working which I do get, in some aspects. But I get why people stay at home.

As some of you may know, My ex left in January and I got made redundant at the same time. Talia was like 9 months old! I took the decision to get myself back on my feet and adjust to our new routine alone together. I have only just started a new job this September. And I am so glad I waited because its the right job for me and I spent quality time with my daughter.

Now, I don’t regret going back to work. But I have had nothing but hassle with the various benefit teams. I notified each one on the day I started work, I am a person who is hugely organised! It has been over a month now and the ‘housing benefit’ team are still causing undue stress. Telling me different things every five minutes! Now, my wages only just cover my rent. I can’t physically afford to work more hours because of childcare so I do depend on that top up from Housing and Tax Credits which is nothing to be ashamed of! At the end of the day, I didn’t set out for this scenario..I always thought I would be with her dad forever! Im spending day after day worrying and worrying that I wont have enough for everything because they are messing me about so much. I know what I am entitled to and they keep asking for evidence Ive already given them. Its going around in a vicious circle. I don’t think its fair for anyone to have to have this stress, especially alone! At the moment I feel that its caused more trouble starting a job than it was staying out of work! I love being able to provide for T and being able to work with adults. Its just really bugging me it is made impossible for single mothers. Childcare itself is a pain! I’m working to pay for Talia to go to nursery essentially.

I hate the UK. I hate our government, I hate Mendip Council and I just hate the label single mothers have!



2 thoughts on “Single Mothers.

  1. Ugh Maya my heart aches for your situation. A friend of mine stopped working because it wasn’t worth the cost of child care – especially with two children! I can’t imagine what you are going through. Hang in there, do your online research and see if there are forums that can aid you through all of this. I’m so sorry Maya. Perhaps checking out Task Rabbit, Sorted, or Task Panda may help in the meanwhile. I’m going to be checking them out as well! Sending love your way xxxx


    • Its ridiculous isn’t it! I love my job so much so leaving really isn’t an option. The council really need to sort the money they owe me for housing. Its getting silly tbh and I’m not sleeping properly because of it 😦 that’s a very good idea! I found citizens advice to be rubbish! 😦 thats a really good suggestion! Thankyou! Xxcx

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