I’m not just a mum.

I am the same Maya I used to be. People don’t tend to see that. They just see me as a ‘Mum’. Which, don’t get me wrong. I am. It is just a bit of a downer when thats all people see in me. People are quick to judge. They assume they knew the circumstances. As everyone knows, I am no longer with Talia’s father. I am doing it ALONE. There’s nothing wrong with this at all, but I put my life and soul into my daughter and there’s nothing worse than hearing the put downs and the negativity. I get criticised for working part-time, yet I would get criticised for being a stay at home mum. People judge because I am a single mum. I was in an emotionally abusive relationship and I am glad he ended it. Until you have been in a situation like that, you cannot possibly even begin to judge. Recently I have let peoples comments and views get to me. I have let them affect my life. But I am better than that, I am better than you.

Yes I am 22. Yes, sometimes I do act a bit silly. But that doesn’t make me dumb or immature. I want to live my life to the full, have a laugh and just be happy. I feel that a lot of people have walked out of my life in recent years but I am grateful for the ones that have walked in. People seem to think that because Im chatty and ‘out there’ that everything is fine. But most nights I still get upset at the fact I couldn’t give my daughter the ‘normal’ family I envisioned. I am still young and I manage to balance everything. I may not be perfect, but I always without fail put my daughter first. Thats something that will never change.

I don’t even know why Im writing this. I needed a vent, a huge one. There is more to me than what people seem to think. If I was given a chance, they would see that. I am so fed up of the negativity and its just dragging me down.


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