Talia Eloise Tomlin. My Daughter, My Life.


Born: 07/05/2015

Weight: 6Ib 5oz

Length: 49cm

Sex: Female

Time Born: 11pm exactly!

Talia’s Birth Story: 
So,  after five long days in and out of hospital.  They decided to induce me at 3am on Thursday 7th May.  They induced me because her growth was behind and decided it was better for her to come out and meet me.  (39+2).
They used propess to get me started,  this is a pessary inserted behind the cervix.  They intend to leave you alone for 24 hours with this in. And there’s no guarantee it works.  For me it worked straight away,  within half an hour I began contracting which was a great start!
I didn’t sleep much that night,  or the day even.  It got to about 2pm and the contractions were back to back and very intense.  I asked to be checked and they said no due to the contractions not being spaced enough.  Mum got involved and literally forced them to check me.  I was still only 1-2 cm.  I was so pissed off.  I was in pain and begging for painkillers and all they would offer me was paracetamol. They told me to walk around the hospital grounds to try and ease the pain.  This was no fun whilst contracting and feeling like a baby would drop out of your hoo ha!! Eventually they gave me a shot of diamorphine which was brilliant.  I felt spaced.  It enabled me to have a sleep which I hadn’t had in nearly 24 hours!
I woke up from that sleep in even more pain.  The diamorphine wasn’t really touching it anymore.  I couldn’t sit,  I couldn’t eat,  I couldn’t lie down.  This labour was mainly in my back,  it was so hard to move around and get comfortable.  I decided to get in the bath to see if that would help soothe it,  my partner was amazing and held my hand whilst I was contracting.  Its all of a daze but I can remember my body automatically trying to push.  At this point the midwife wanted to check me. I was 5cm and she took the pessary out! It was about 9.30pm and I was shattered.  She tried breaking my waters but the babies head was so tight,  she couldn’t get to them. This internal was a bitch.  Gas and air definitely helped me through this!
I decided to try a bath again,  this time the pressure was insane.  I felt like I needed a poo so I was up and down off of the toilet.  I couldn’t go. I got back in the bath and it was clear she was on her way.  My body had almost started pushing itself.  I remember sitting in the water thinking ‘I need to push’. Mum saw how much pain etc I was in and told the midwife I didn’t need a poo,  the baby was coming!
I moved back on to the bed gripping the headrest and facing the wall as gravity  was my friend! Started the gas and air again,  suddenly something clicked. I could feel the head.  I shouted ‘the head is coming’, the midwife looked and the head was out.  I did it without even pushing (unless I didn’t realise!).  With the next push her shoulders came and the last push she was born at 11pm! My waters didn’t break until she was born!  I heard a cry and they announced she was a girl and my response was ‘fuck’. I was shaking.  I couldn’t believe what had just happened! They passed her up through my legs and oh my god I fell in love instantly! I couldn’t believe I had such a quick labour… Even though they didn’t believe she was on her way! I managed to do it without tearing,  I had one graze which didn’t need anything doing to it.  My little monkey decided to be born with her hand on her face!
Labour was the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced and I’d do it over and over again.  I am so lucky to experience the labour I had and even though it’s a blur now,  it’s something I’ll cherish forever.


One thought on “Talia

  1. Wow, amazing. You are one brave Mama!Births of our child are always memorable for us Mothers. i was induced also for 3 days because my daughter is in transverse position,but it failed and didn’t progress for almost 3 days I was lying there with all these things inserted inside of me..I was so tired & stressed out that my baby started to have a drop on her heartbeat so an emergency C-section was the last option. All throughout the pain, I felt like me & my daughter fight the good fight. Remembering that time after a year and still gives me chill. Time flies but then, seeing her everyday renews my strength.


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